Earrl is in Beta Phase which means this document may be subject to fast iterative revision. Please check back often for updates.

Mission Statement

Date of statement: Oct 31 2018

Earrl Mission is to provide it’s users with the ability to read, post and reply to classified ads on the Earrl Website or Earrl Android or ios App. Earrl provides enough anonymity so as to protect both posters of ads and users who reply to ads from exposing their personal identity until each is ready to do so. Users who post ads only expose the information in the ads to other users who browse the same ads. When a user replies to an ad they do so anonymously as the email address used in the Earrl Classified Ad is an anonymous email address created at the time the user replies to the ad – the email recipient only sees the email sent by the user responding to an ad – not the responders personal email address. This anonymity allows people to coordinate on Earrl and determine if the minimal character of the person they are emailing is someone they would like to share more intimate details with in order to facilitate meeting, hiring, buying or trading with one another. At any time either party can choose to break off communications and can either passively ignore the others email or actively block the other users emails.

Earrl aspires to be more active than other social web sites in policing users actions to prevent harassment and deceit and will work with local law enforcement when a user feels threatened or has been taken advantage of. Earrl does not seek to replace each individual users good judgment for Earrl’s assumed good judgment.

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